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Photo of the Day: Marcus shooting Fashion Look Book

Here’s Marcus Enno photographing a fashion look book for Junk Clothing.

Marcus Enno, fashion photography

Have a look at their latest winter look book. We’re really happy with how it came out.

Photo of the Day

A sea gull looking for hot chips at Luna Park.

Crumpets Food Photo Shoot

Food photography, Studio Commercial

This food photo shoot was over two days. We photographed Golden Crumpets and Picklets as well as Tip Top Muffins and Raisin Toast.

The images are now being used at point of sale locations across Australia.

Sometimes we have to use a bit of creative problem-solving to make our images come to life. For the image of the boy below, we created a scruffy look by going into the backyard, grabbing handfuls of dirt and rubbing it into his clothes and face. As you can imagine, he really enjoyed this.

Tip Top, food photography, studio commercial

Client Story: Write Away Communication + Events

Write Away builds and manages the reputations of leading global, regional and local companies. For more than 25 years the company has focused on household goods, building and construction, consumer electronics, food, travel, tourism, health, beauty, FMCG, technology and not-for-profit sectors.

“I have known Studio Commercial for years. The events that they cover are well captured and these photographs are a great way for our clients to share activities outside of the office with their staff. They’re easy-going, very patient and friendly.”

– Roberta Marcroft, Write Away PR

We cover event photography for Write Away.

Thanks Roberta!

May 2012

This month’s coffee at Studio Commercial is exclusively from Panama.

studio commercial coffee

Brought you by this bad pun: It’s panemonium!

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