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Giftrap – “On a night like this” Gatsby inspired DPS


… featured in the Giftrap MAY-JUNE 2013 issue. We set the studio for a Gatsby inspired “On a night like this” DPS. A lot of work went into preparing this set. Extremely happy with the results! 😀


Giftrap – Oobi Baby & Kids

Happy 10th Birthday Oobi Baby & Kids! With the Mahlab team we photographed Alex Riggs for this edition of Giftrap Magazine. Alex Riggs, founder and designer of Oobi Baby & Kids. With the special help of a few very adorable kids we were able to achieve yet another successful shoot 1-Oobi 2-Oobi 3-Oobi


Also enjoyed shooting a few products for the same edition 🙂

4-Products 5-Products

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