There was a snow storm before I arrived in Yosemite with some good friends. A local said it was the prettiest it's been in ten years. Ansel Adams made this area famous and it more than lived up to expectations.

How I got into photography: Photography was always an interest of mine that ended up becoming so much more. My initial studies were in science and I was drawn to photography after graduating from university. Whilst working full time, I studied photography at night. After this, I landed a gig at Studio Commercial in 1997.

My expertise: I’m the technical lighting and special effects guy. I know how to get the job done right in challenging situations: advertising work, product work and architecture are my specialities. I use post production in conjunction with the shoot and can put the whole thing together.

What I’ve learnt about commercial photography: It’s about problem solving, understanding what the client wants, interacting, communicating and then delivering more than what was expected.

My advice to aspiring photographers: Photography is a blend of art and science and you need to be strong in both aspects to be able to achieve the vision in your mind’s eye and bring it into reality.

If I could live anywhere in the world, Australia is home. There’s so many places I haven’t been so unless you’ve been everywhere you can’t say this is the place you want to live. I like the outdoors, cycling, skiing and the beach.

If I had one day to live: After kissing my wife, I would drive a race car around the Nürburgring ring in Germany or go heliskiiing in Alaska.