My father.



How I got into photography: I fell into photography. When I was 15, I travelled to Japan and took some happy snaps. I showed the images to a co-worker of my Mum’s who was running an event and asked if I could volunteer my skills. I took photos, really enjoyed it and that was it, I was hooked. I studied for four and a half years then freelance assisted for two years. During this time, I was photographing events for my local council.

A friend of mine told me about a full-time assisting position in the city. I put down all of my experience and Jason called me in for an interview. It was the shortest interview I’ve ever had. They sat me down, gave the tasks, I went on a tour of the studio and three days later, I got offered the job. I’ve been working for the studio since 2008.

My expertise: Character portraiture. It’s all about the expression of the person.

What I learnt about commercial photography: I’m more able to predict what the light is going to do. As a result of meeting so many people in this job, my confidence levels have risen. There’s certain ways to talk to everyone. I learnt a lot from observing my fellow photographers.

My advice to aspiring photographers: Get out there and network as much as possible. Freelance assist as many photographers you possibly can; you gain so much insight as to the different ways to achieve the same outcome.

If I could live anywhere: After coming back from a recent trip, I think I would like to live in New York, it’s a great city.

My last day on earth: It sounds corny but I’d want to be sure that my parents were financially set. Buy them nice houses, know that they’re financial secure. My parents came to Australia with $30 in their pockets in 1983. Everything they’ve achieved was to give me a better chance, the least I could do as a child, is pay back the favour in whatever ways I can. I would to be sure that my family in Chile would be financially looked after. When all of that is done I’d sit back and relax with a parrillada, a proper Chilean barbecue.