Merida, Mexico.

How I got into photography: I did photography in high school and really loved it. After high school I started a business degree and quickly discovered it wasn’t for me. I lasted one semester. My Mum helping me write 70 letters to photography studios around Sydney. I got ten replies, one of them was positive.

I went into Studio Commercial with my pathetic school portfolio of pictures of my cat and things, well, there were some good images in there as well.

It was so exciting for me to enter the studio & walk around, I got butterflies in my stomach. I started off printing in the colour darkroom and commenced studying part time a Photography Diploma while I continued working at the studio. I’ve been at Studio Commercial since 1997.

My expertise: The jobs I get the most satisfaction out of is portraiture and people trying to promote their business. I get inspired working with people. It’s fun for everybody, they want to be there, I want to be there. You come across different personalities and I try to show that in portraits. I like subjects to look relaxed, obviously that’s my aim. I focus on composition, geography and symmetry.

What I’ve learnt: You’re meeting new people every day so you have to be confident when you go in. I was shy to begin with and sometimes you might be intimidated shooting a CEO but you just have to go in and be yourself. One day I said to myself, stuff it, I’m just going to go in and be myself and it was so much easier from then on.

My advice to aspiring photographers: Do a photography course and find one that you think will suit you. It’s important to not call yourself a photographer until you have the expertise. Shoot a lot of different stuff to find what you like, be experimental, and don’t do too many shoots for free. Taking photos is cool, but wanting to do it for a living is a different thing. You have to learn how to do it for a living and be a good and professional business person. Be true to what you want to do and take pride in your work.

If I could live anywhere in the world: I think I already live in the best place. I love Sydney.

My last day on earth: I’d spend it with my family, we would go to the beach and have a picnic with some red wine, cheese and biscuits. I would swim in the ocean, feel revitalised and spend time with my boys. Funnily enough, that is what I do every weekend, so I’m on the right track, I guess.