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M510 - 220Hero Photographic Brief for SBS world movies adult summer of sin: Create smoking hot images to complement the films SBS will be playing over the summer.

This was shot at the Watson’s bay hotel with Creative direction by March One agency and photography by Marcus Enno Studio Commercial.

Everyone living in Sydney would have taken pictures at our vibrant Bondi Beach. A little while ago Marcus & I had the opportunity to photograph fellow ‘button pusher’ Eugene Tan.

Mr “Aquabumps” Tan probably makes as good a photographic subject as his own suburb. Mr. Tan has been in the spotlight regularly, but was relaxed and very cooperative.

The shoot was for Campaign Monitor. Our client’s newest software makes it possible to compose beautiful email newsletters. Eugene has been a customer for a while, hence his appearance in the advertisement.

On top our client was extremely pleased with the final result.

Thank you for reading.


Campaign monitor Eugene Tan

Photoshoot Eugene Tan

Recently Studio Commercial photographed the four finalists artwork  for the  SBS “STUDIO” channel. (Yes confusing I know).

“STUDIO” is a creative arts channel on the Foxtel network.

The image making process involved photography as well as extensive retouching to create the final look.  We shot this image of Thom in a dark and scary basement in downtown Melbourne.  Thom Fraser was the winner and took home $10K and a billboard display in Kings Cross and his TVC to run as a promo for the channel.

Glass animator Thom Fraser receives $10k as winner of Studio’s Create Studio comp in Sydney – Campaign Brief Australia

ThomFraserStudio FoxtelMatt White Dane ScotcherTanya Lee


Here are some images for a Carlton Draught / Waratah’s promotion. The final imagery may look simple, but sight unseen is the considerable effort in makeup lighting and post production work.

To achieve the ideal lighting on both elements of the image. The hand/arm image elements were captured separately to the beer shots. In the case of the schooner we had to modify and blend in an existing glass shot with the hand holding a “dummy glass”.

commissioning agency: The Zoo.

Glass Jug CUBTAH


I photographed this recent Heineken promo in Wentworth park Ultimo. The Art directors brief was to “recreate a little piece of Amsterdam in the middle of Sydney”. The shoot went so smoothly the crew had time for a tasty beverage in the park afterwards.HeinekenLifestyle1HeinekenLifestyleHeinekenLifestyle2HeinekenLifestyle3

This is a shoot we did for Foxtels Come Dine With Me. It has been popping up around the city on taxi backs. Splashing red wine around the studio sure makes a mess!


When clients visit our beautiful studios, they always notice plenty of bicycles around. The majority of them are owned by Studio Commerial’s Jason Doyle & Marcus Enno. Inspired by the beautiful machines they built I started planning to assemble my own commuter.

I have been riding from Manly to Sydney’s CBD for well over a year and my old bike was struggling to keep up. It’s good to treat yourself once in a while, especially with Xmas around the corner.

The building went more smoothly than I anticipated, Jason and Marcus guided me along the way nicely, so I definitely saved some time/mistakes there.

Thanks for reading. Pieter



What better way to cool off while watching World Movies Adult than some karma sutra ice cubes.

This campaign labeled “summer of sin” was shot about as far away form Cuba as you can get.

Thanks to World Movies and March One for possibly the best shoot of the year!


We recently shot this campagin for Blow Dry Bar in colaboration with Momentum Agency.

The location was Centennial park, The brief create beautiful black and white images of different hairstyles incorporating the “wind device”.

Dandelions where the trickiest of the wind devices but nothing a bit of hairspray couldn’t fix.


Last weekend I went away to Blueys Beach, about an hour north of Newcastle. The surf wasn’t too spectacular, so I took some pictures for a friend. She has an online business selling Nigerian bracelets. This was my favourite shot.

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