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Blow your hair not your cash

We recently shot this campagin for Blow Dry Bar in colaboration with Momentum Agency.

The location was Centennial park, The brief create beautiful black and white images of different hairstyles incorporating the “wind device”.

Dandelions where the trickiest of the wind devices but nothing a bit of hairspray couldn’t fix.


Weekend away

Last weekend I went away to Blueys Beach, about an hour north of Newcastle. The surf wasn’t too spectacular, so I took some pictures for a friend. She has an online business selling Nigerian bracelets. This was my favourite shot.

XXXX Island photoshoot

Choosing the right day to do an outdoor location shoot is always a gamble, especially when there’s over 10 people involved.  After one false start postponement due to rain, we were very excited to collaborate once again with our good friends at Momentum Worldwide to produce the latest Lion beer imagery for XXXX Island.

World Movies Couch photoshoot

When the guys from March One Ad agency came to us with the concepts for SBS World Movies Adult we could hardly believe our luck!
The brief was to photograph a beautiful girl in lingerie perched precariously on an oiled up chesterfield.
This photo shoot went off without a hitch and proved the old saying “sex sells”!

Lifestyle You Photoshoot

The location for the Lifestyle channel’s “you” recent shoot had to the seen to be believed… Think marble tiles, countless columns, ornate gardens, huge swimming pool and everything with gold accents.

This was the perfect place to photography our “Buff” male stereotypes as their clothes magically disappeared and they are left standing in their undies.

Our photoshoot was done in conjunction with the making of the TV commercial and has to be one of the biggest productions to date.  Unfortunately it had been raining quite a lot beforehand and the film crew’s muddy boots left quite an impression on the white carpets…

Working closely with Dynamix agency, myself and Jason were pleased to be part of the creative team and photograph the Peter Maddison for Grand Designs Australia series three outdoor and print campaign.

Secret Meat Business “ssshhhhh”


Down a grimy alleyway in the dark of night you never know what you may find. In this case it was more pleasant than expected! The smell of sizzling Wagu, finely sliced Lardon and the Meat Maestro himself, Celebrity chef Adrian Richardson.

Perched on a ladder in the middle of the street, I found myself using phrase’s such as “Can you show me more meat?” and “Could you move your sausage to the left?”.

Thanks to Adrian, the crew and Dynamix for a really cool shoot.


Adriano Zumbo Photo Shoot

Adriano Zumbo Photo Shoot from Studio Commercial.

We had alot of fun during this photo shoot of Pastry Celebrity Adriano Zumbo.

Recipes for salted caramel macaroons and scraps of paper with ingredient lists was strewn around his home kitchen. Gadgets and dehydrators were lined against every available wall.

Adriano Zumbo is certainly a warm personality and he was keen to experiment and whip up something on the fly.

The best part of the day was getting to take all of the desserts you see in the video back to the studio and sample every one.

Bicycle Lifestyle Photo Shoot

We recently created a fun bicycle lifestyle photo shoot for Morgans Bicycles in downtown Surry Hills.

Being avid bike fans, it was great to photograph such beautiful craftsmanship. We love working with great clients like these.

Head on over to Morgans Bicycles’ Flickr to see the rest of the lifestyle images.

Have a look at the product photography on their main website, it’s particularly good-looking (hint hint: we did that too).

Shoot: SBS World Movies Secret Cinema

World Movies Secret Cinema, SBS, Photo shoot

We photographed the promos for the World Movies Secret Cinema in our studio in Sydney. Like it on Facebook, they have a tonne of competitions and interesting give aways on their page.

Can’t wait to see next year’s Secret Cinema!


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