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January 2012

Our coffee to kick-start the new year is from Yemen and Panama.

December 2011

This month’s coffee is a blend from Brazil, Nicaragua and Sumatra.

November 2011

David made this coffee, Cameron shot it.

This month’s coffee is from Ipanema and Papua New Guinea. We suggest you listen to this in the spirit of Ipanema.

October 2011

This month, we have lovingly roasted coffee beans from Yemen and Papua New Guinea, two contrasting countries that make the perfect coffee blend.

After some heavy-duty repairs, our coffee machine is roaring away. The warranty is either 100,000 cups of coffee or three years. At this rate, we’ll be hitting the cup quota.

September 2011

Our coffee for this month for Studio Commercial is from Panama and Santo Domingo.


Did you know that Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic?

For thirty years, dictator Rafael Trujillo renamed the city after himself to Ciudad Trujillo, until his assassination in 1961.  Today, Santo Domingo is the biggest city in the Caribbean.


All that aside, our coffee is very good.


This month’s blend of coffee is from Panama and Bolivia. As usual, it’s lovingly roasted by Jason Doyle.

July 2011

This month’s coffee is a blend from Brazil and Guatemala. Considering these two countries are hot and exotic locations, you may get a little bit hotter and a twist more exotic from drinking our coffee.

June 2011

This month’s coffee is a fresh blend from Rwanda and Mexico.

Come in from the rain and warm yourself up with one of these.

May 2011

We have a mix from Mexico, El Salvador and Papua New Guinea this month.

This month’s coffee is brought to you by these bad puns:

  • “It took forever and a Dave”.
  • “Hey, give me fries!” (Get it, give me five).

April 2011

This month our home-roasted coffee is a blend of Indian Malabar and Ethiopian Harrar Longberry. Come over and enjoy!

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