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Gearing up for Australia Day

Louis Vuitton, Australia Day, Kangaroo, Sydney


Margherita at Kona, Hawaii, Christmas Eve

I was lucky enough to head off to Hawaii for a week during the Christmas break.

We spent two days at the Hilo side, which is lush rainforest and active volcanoes. If you drive to the other side of big island, its sand, sun and swimming with wild dolphins.

Once I visit a country, I often don’t feel the need to go back but Hawaii had so many adventures that it’s still on my top five places to visit. They have grass-fed, locally sourced hormone free beef burgers people!

Pete Evans Photo Shoot: Celebrity Chef

This photo shoot of Pete Evans was shot in Bondi, my local haunt. The client, House Magazine, wanted a light summer feel. We decided to source some beautiful fresh fruit.

Pete had just come back from an overseas trip and was feeling a bit jet lagged. But it was nothing a slice of mango couldn’t fix.

Visit Pete Evan’s site to see his latest work.

The Last Supper

Merry Christmas from everyone at Studio Commercial! Let us create your masterpiece in 2012.

Have a great Christmas and an awesome New Years!

Please note, we’ll be closed from Christmas Day to New Year’s: 25th – 31st of Dec 2011.

Party hard and catch up with loved ones.


Behind the scenes

Here’s a shot I like.

David and I were on a regular casual portrait session at an office and were shooting away.

I gave the subject a mini break and suddenly saw a shot and quickly pushed the shutter button while he wasn’t aware of the camera.

It is probably a shot hardly no company would choose as a profile image of one of their employees. However I think it could definitely work well in a certain context or in an editorial piece or annual report.

The shot works because of the human being in his suit in the corporate environment is suddenly vulnerable as opposed to being smiling and strong in a profile shot. It sort of gives the corporate world a more human ‘face’.

Photo of the day

Australian Hotelier Magazine

We often have to create a photograph according to a sketch.

This was a job done in the 13th hour on a Saturday morning for Dynamix. We’re quite happy with it.

Photo of the day

Finally got a Leica!

Active Retirees Cover

We had less than an hour before a storm hit our way and we were in the middle of a golf course, photographing the cover for Active Retirees Magazine.

During the shoot, I was thinking about how quickly our hour was pushed into half an hour by the weather.

The client was very driven to replicate the mock-up, which had clear blue skies. I shot according to the mock up first and once I knew we had gotten the image, we quickly moved to a different location so a cloudier piece of sky acting as a backdrop.

I wanted to add some contrast to make the image pop, make it more dynamic.

The sun was hitting the model’s head quite nicely so I used a main light to fill in the shadows. By now the wind was really battling against us so my first assistant held down the lighting equipment. My second assistant held the reflector just hovering over the grass below the dark golf club to fill in the shadows.

I’m really happy with this picture. It was created in half an hour and I feel like it really builds on the concept of a happy, active retiree.

The image on the left hand side is the brief, the image on the right is our final product and the image that ran on the cover.

 Want more? Watch the behind the scenes video.




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