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Photo of the Day: Marcus shooting Fashion Look Book

Here’s Marcus Enno photographing a fashion look book for Junk Clothing.

Marcus Enno, fashion photography

Have a look at their latest winter look book. We’re really happy with how it came out.

Photo of the Day

Fashion Photo Shoot: Saxony

Studio Commercial

This summer’s collection by Saxony had lots of layers and dark colours. We had to photograph it so that every garment was distinguishable and textured without making the image look flat.

It’s a real pleasure working with Saxony. They have a clear concept that focuses in on the styling of the clothing. The fabric and folds are paramount.

Bicycling Australia: Mag Fashion Shoot

It’s always a busy day when you have five models, more than a dozen wardrobe changes and sixteen images to create.

By 9am our studio was covered in cycling gear and our clothes rack was used to stack bicycles that cost more than a small car.

This was the third year that we’ve shot the Bicycling Australia annual fashion shoot, it’s the largest segment of the magazine and we’re really excited to continue to be a part of it.

It’s really fun for the models to work with the props, most of them were riders and could appreciate the gear. I’m really passionate about cycling as well, so I love getting the little details right. It has to look realistic because cyclists are going to know at a glance if the model is holding the handlebars the wrong way.

The client wanted the photography to be fun and approachable. Cycling can be intimidated so we wanted to make this gear look easily accessible to those that are just starting out. It was loads of fun to shoot something that we’re so enthusiastic about.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Fashion Photo Shoot: Latitude

In late May we alluded to a fashion shoot that we can now talk about in all it’s glory.

Studio Commercial and the folks from Latitude Montagut took part in a three day fashion marathon.

We photographed twins Jordon and Zachary Stenmark and Nick Boogert against a multitude of changing backgrounds. The highlight was the amazing Seidler House; wedged atop a mountain in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, it was a beautiful piece of architecture. On the second day, we launched into look book shots and as it got darker, we hit the streets of Sydney to take some night life photos.

The third day was spent at the Sugar Mill, listening to 70s funk and mixing faux drinks for our models.

Enjoy the behind the scenes video and as always, let us know what you think.

Junk Clothing + Studio Commercial

We teamed up with Junk Clothing for a fashion photo shoot.

The month of May was swallowed up by a top secret HUGE project. I’m really excited about sharing everything with you but it’ll have to be under wraps for the moment.

This week our photographers will be working on a winter fashion shoot for Latitude. We’ll be spending a day shooting at the Seidler House, as well as working on a look book and some nightlife shots.

Stylists, producers and art directors have been streaming through our studio and there has been a constant flow of coffee and cupcakes.

It’s all quite exciting.

To keep yourself entertained in the meantime, watch the behind the scenes video of last year’s Spring and Summer photo shoot.

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