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What to expect after a corporate photo shoot

Your photo shoot is done. It’s time to reap the benefits.

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Here’s what you can expect after the photo shoot:

  • Firstly, tell your photographer if you have a deadline. Especially if your proposal or advertisement is due tomorrow.
  • Your photographer will do some minor adjustments to your photos such as tonal corrections. We’ll then send previews over to your inbox as PDFed proofs.
  • Have a good look at the images in the proof. Each one is uniquely named. Once you’ve made a selection, email or call to tell us your choice.
  • We treat each selected shot with some tender loving care. This means that we get rid of skin imperfections and minor blemishes, photoshop unruly hair strands away and we might do some bigger details like cleaning up the background or fixing up your shirt.
  • We will send you a link to the file. Once you click on the link, your image selections will start downloading to your computer.
  • Unzip the folder using your favourite archive programs and save your images somewhere safe that you won’t forget!

Tip: Keep your proofs in a prominent place on your computer. We keep all of our images indefinitely so if you need to order a more serious or friendly look, we can edit another image so you don’t have to do a complete re-shoot.

Pete Evans Photo Shoot: Celebrity Chef

This photo shoot of Pete Evans was shot in Bondi, my local haunt. The client, House Magazine, wanted a light summer feel. We decided to source some beautiful fresh fruit.

Pete had just come back from an overseas trip and was feeling a bit jet lagged. But it was nothing a slice of mango couldn’t fix.

Visit Pete Evan’s site to see his latest work.

The Last Supper

Merry Christmas from everyone at Studio Commercial! Let us create your masterpiece in 2012.

Have a great Christmas and an awesome New Years!

Please note, we’ll be closed from Christmas Day to New Year’s: 25th – 31st of Dec 2011.

Party hard and catch up with loved ones.


Behind the scenes

Here’s a shot I like.

David and I were on a regular casual portrait session at an office and were shooting away.

I gave the subject a mini break and suddenly saw a shot and quickly pushed the shutter button while he wasn’t aware of the camera.

It is probably a shot hardly no company would choose as a profile image of one of their employees. However I think it could definitely work well in a certain context or in an editorial piece or annual report.

The shot works because of the human being in his suit in the corporate environment is suddenly vulnerable as opposed to being smiling and strong in a profile shot. It sort of gives the corporate world a more human ‘face’.

Active Retirees Cover

We had less than an hour before a storm hit our way and we were in the middle of a golf course, photographing the cover for Active Retirees Magazine.

During the shoot, I was thinking about how quickly our hour was pushed into half an hour by the weather.

The client was very driven to replicate the mock-up, which had clear blue skies. I shot according to the mock up first and once I knew we had gotten the image, we quickly moved to a different location so a cloudier piece of sky acting as a backdrop.

I wanted to add some contrast to make the image pop, make it more dynamic.

The sun was hitting the model’s head quite nicely so I used a main light to fill in the shadows. By now the wind was really battling against us so my first assistant held down the lighting equipment. My second assistant held the reflector just hovering over the grass below the dark golf club to fill in the shadows.

I’m really happy with this picture. It was created in half an hour and I feel like it really builds on the concept of a happy, active retiree.

The image on the left hand side is the brief, the image on the right is our final product and the image that ran on the cover.

 Want more? Watch the behind the scenes video.




It took around 45 minutes from start to finish to nail this photo for the cover of Active Retirees. Pieter and Cameron was helping out, which was great because there was gale force winds. If it wasn’t for them, the reflectors and other photography equipment would be somewhere in the stratosphere.

Thanks to Active Retirees and Mahlab for the photo shoot.

This was shot on a golf course in Willahra, Sydney.

David breaks his photo record in one day

David Silva recently photographed 70 people in one day. Give the man a high five the next time you see him.

After a double shot espresso and a kebab for lunch, he was looking a bit ill but he powered through and was back in the office by 4:30pm.

He’s now editing the portraits. Go, David, go!

Mo lovin’

Marcus Enno recently took part in a unique marketing campaign with March One that had a heavy emphasis on mustaches.

“Creative agency March One has used the over-sized moustaches of the owners of  Sydney German restaurant Stuyvesant’s in a direct marketing campaign celebrating 50 years in the city.

The DL flyer, which features a cardboard moustache that pokes out the front of a letterbox,  includes an offer for the restaurant along with a German recipe.” – Mumbrella (Australia’s media and marketing umbrella website)



yum yum!

How to choose a corporate photographer

Photography is no different from any artistic career. There are, and always will be, people that will work at a loss in an attempt to break into the industry.

Photography budgets can be tightly controlled but before you book in John Smith, go through this checklist to see if the corners are worth getting cut.

  1. What do they specialise in? Is it product, fashion, large high end commercial projects? Find out.
  2. Do they offer a guarantee?
  3. Is there an archived and remotely backed up system in place? If you need an image of a partner we captured four years ago, it’s on file and in your inbox the same day. This also acts like a reference folder. When you book us in for your annual report two years from now and we need to match portraits taken this year; the lighting, background and general feel will be consistent throughout the years because we have everything organised and archived at our fingertips. Make sure if anything happens to their workplace, your images don’t end up as a bunch of zeroes or a pile of ash. Ask if they remotely back up their images.
  4. Ask for several portfolios to get a feel for their consistency in making great imagery.
  5. What is their editing experience? We know how to make you look good and spend an hour on each corporate image, and that’s the simple stuff. A good photographer will never hand out unedited images, or at the other extreme, make you look like Barbie.
  6. Have they got consistently happy clients that you know?
  7. Do they have a fast turn around time? If one of our photographers is stricken with the plague the day after your shoot, one of our in-house Photoshop experts will get your images to you. Same for quotes. We’re a smooth running beast. Do they have such a system in place for the proposals that you can’t miss?
  8. Do they send over proofs before editing your images? With proofs, you get to pick the images you like best. Not drown in the images you’re blinking or pulling funny faces (it’s ok, we all do it).
  9. Do they have a studio? We have a huge studio in the heart of the Sydney Central Business District. If your company is small to medium sized, or you work from home, you don’t want to rent a meeting room or sit around a shared reception. Come over to our studio for professional photos and you’ll be saving money three fold: you’ll cut down on photography costs, rental room costs and the cost of coffee.
  10. What is their professional level? The most important people are often photographed first in any business. The last thing you want on their minds is a bad experience that you helped organise. We’re fun and professional. The best of both worlds. Come over for one of our famous coffees and we’ll walk you through our portfolios so you can see the tender loving care we put into each interaction and image.
  11. What is their late notice availability? Have they got fully trained photographers that can fill in during the 13th hour?
  12. Do they make your company look good through prompt and efficient service, high quality images and ability to stick to consistent branding?
  13. How up to date is their camera and lighting equipment? Technology in photography moves rapidly. You need a photographer that maintains the greatest equipment and technology to serve your needs.

What to wear to a corporate photo shoot

Confused about what to wear to your upcoming corporate photo shoot? In this post, we outline how to avoid common mistakes and give shortcuts to help you look your best.

Keep in mind that fashions change while your photo stays the same – at least for a couple of years.

This photo will literally shape your image in your business. Here are some simple guidelines we’ve perfected through the years.



– A suit jacket or formal cardigan with crisp shirt, blouse or shift dress.

– Wear something that fits your form but doesn’t give an eyeful of skin.

– White shirts help brighten and illuminate your face.

– Wear a jacket that isn’t the same shade as your hair.

Put a little more make up on than usual and do a quick touch up before the photo shoot. Try to stick to natural colours.

– Bring a suit jacket, regardless of the weather that day.

– If the photos are full-length, make sure your footwear is clean and polished.


– Wear a clean, well-fitted suit with a plain shirt and tie.

– Bring a suit jacket, regardless of the weather that day.

– Avoid “loud” ties that have clashing colours or cartoon characters.

– If the photos are full-length, make sure your footwear is clean and polished.

Hair and Accessories:

– If you have advance notice, get your hair cut a week or two before the shoot.

– Make sure your hair is neat and tidy on the day.

– Men, have a shave before you go into work and try to book your shoot early in the day to avoid the 5 0’clock shadow stubble.

– Avoid Movember.

– If you’re sporting a beard or mo, neatly trim your facial hair.

– Check your teeth and make up. We don’t mind waiting while you do a last minute look in the mirror.

– You can wear your glasses, we have ways to avoid reflections. We also give you the option of having some photos with the glasses and some without.

– Wear simple jewellery

This isn’t a visit to the dentist or your school photos. We’re here to make you enjoy the experience of having your photo taken. The more relaxed you are, the better the images will turn out. We’re flexible and friendly so don’t be afraid to ask questions or view the back of the camera for instant feedback.

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