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Coffee of the month

This month’s coffees are from Papua New Guinea and my favourite, Panama.  Why is it my favourite?  It roasts so nicely, great as a shot or with milk and never fails to impress with outstanding flavour.  Plus you can’t help singing “Panama” by Van Halen while enjoying, pop into the studio for one and sing it with us!


Photo of the day

Photo of the day


August 2012

This month’s coffee is from Panama and Columbia. Jason has also fashioned a way to make a triple shot espresso in one go so drop on by on Monday if you want to be awake for the rest of the week.


Photo of the Day

I photographed this surfer on an early morning walk in Manly. It’s always a good idea to have your camera on you at all times. Just in case the perfect moment happens.

Adriano Zumbo Photo Shoot

Adriano Zumbo Photo Shoot from Studio Commercial.

We had alot of fun during this photo shoot of Pastry Celebrity Adriano Zumbo.

Recipes for salted caramel macaroons and scraps of paper with ingredient lists was strewn around his home kitchen. Gadgets and dehydrators were lined against every available wall.

Adriano Zumbo is certainly a warm personality and he was keen to experiment and whip up something on the fly.

The best part of the day was getting to take all of the desserts you see in the video back to the studio and sample every one.

Photo of the day

July 2012

This month’s coffee is from Tanzania and Rwanda. It’s a toasty blend to keep you warm in the middle of winter.


Tanzanian Coffee at the Studio

Want to find out who does what?

Behind the scenes:

Want to know who does what at Studio Commercial? We have added to our portfolio an insider’s look to our personal and commercial work.

Find out the passions that drive our photographers.

It also works out well if you’re looking for a certain feel and wants to find a photographer that matches your brand aesthetics.

Click through to have a look at personal portfolios and let us know what you think. We also have in-depth Q&As with each photographer at our About page.

Bicycle Lifestyle Photo Shoot

We recently created a fun bicycle lifestyle photo shoot for Morgans Bicycles in downtown Surry Hills.

Being avid bike fans, it was great to photograph such beautiful craftsmanship. We love working with great clients like these.

Head on over to Morgans Bicycles’ Flickr to see the rest of the lifestyle images.

Have a look at the product photography on their main website, it’s particularly good-looking (hint hint: we did that too).

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