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Red Balloon

March 2012

This month’s coffee is from Panama and Bolivia.

Competition Teaser

We’re working on a competition that’s going to blow your mind. Stay tuned.

Renovating and branding

We’ve found some really great images while renovating our website. Have a look!

As always, let us know what you think in the comments section.

Fashion Photo Shoot: Saxony

Studio Commercial

This summer’s collection by Saxony had lots of layers and dark colours. We had to photograph it so that every garment was distinguishable and textured without making the image look flat.

It’s a real pleasure working with Saxony. They have a clear concept that focuses in on the styling of the clothing. The fabric and folds are paramount.

Maldives: Photo of the Day

Maldives Underwater

This was on a boat trip in the Maldives.

12 friends. Double the surf boards.

There was snorkelling, diving, relaxing.

Jumping from the  boat into pristine water.

I took this shot with a friend’s underwater housed camera (Manly photographer Murray Fraser at

Taking pictures with an underwater camera is a bit like shooting on film. You can only review the shots once you’re back on land.

You get nice surprises every time you take the camera for a dip. Camera magic!

February 2012

Coffee at Sevenhill, Clare Valley


This month’s coffee is from India and Sulawesi, Indonesia.

We took a competition for the oddest shaped island and Sulawesi wins. Hands down.

Setting up for a wine shoot

Setting up photo shoot

Some pre-production work for a product photo shoot.

Photo of the day

Gearing up for Australia Day

Louis Vuitton, Australia Day, Kangaroo, Sydney

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