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Live From The Field

Video of the day

Having some fun with Stirling Mortlock in the studio during a shoot for Herbs of Gold.

Stick around for a behind the scenes video.

Grand Designs

The Grand Designs project we photographed has won two Astras. Woohoo! A big thanks to Dynamix for working with us on this project.

Click on any of the behind the scenes shots to see it close up.

Photo of the day

Live From The Field

Painting the cyc a beautiful shade of grey.



April 2011

This month our home-roasted coffee is a blend of Indian Malabar and EthiopianĀ Harrar Longberry. Come over and enjoy!

Got Questions?

We’re compiling a FAQ with some of common questions people ask us while on shoots or through email.

Is there anything you always wanted to know about commercial photography, the studio, running a creative business or even just a question about any of our photographers?

Leave a comment and we’ll include it in the page. Alternatively, ask an anonymous question using FormSpring.

NRL players and NRG

In December last year, I had a shoot for NRG Strength Bands. High profile NRL players spent the day at the studio: Todd Carney, Sam Thaiday, Ben Hannant, Mitchell Pearce and Ben Barba.

We had an outline of how the client wanted to display the product and we also created improv images.

The day before Dave and I did some lighting tests, then spent an hour before the shoot fine tuning the glowing, edgy look we were trying to achieve.

We designed the lighting style specifically for the shoot and used image treatment afterwards to give a gritty, tough look. I also added contrast in post-production. It took about half an hour to edit each image, which I was quite happy about.

It was a really interesting visual project.

The current NRG website (as of March 2011).

It’s Jason’s Birthday today

myspace graphic


We went out for a late lunch of yum cha and beer. Happy birthday Jas!

Where good ideas come from

Turns out that in order for humans to come up with brilliant, exciting ideas, we need to talk to people about our idea. Get it circulating, ask for help and opinions. Then our ideas can really bloom. That’s Steven Johnson’s theory.

While it’s ridiculously easy to point fingers and say that social media is killing more traditional ways of communicating, I thought this put an interesting spin on the connectivity of humanity and how the web ties in.

The video starts right at the beginning, when the concept of an idea first enters the mind and then it all comes together in a “Aha” moment at the end.

Watch it. It’ll be four minutes well spent.

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