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Vodka and Whiskey Photo Shoot

I had heaps of fun giving orders from my comfortable chair to our Managing Director, Jason, during this shoot. This was the first photo shoot I was involved with after breaking my hip earlier this year. I’ve been doing alot of retouching so it was great to take control of a shoot.

We had a great cocktail stylist on site, which made the whole day a breeze.


We’ve tried and tested all of the photography iPhone apps and found that these ones have staying power, whether it’s the novelty or the sense of surprise, we’re always using these.

Hisptamatic: You can pick your lens, film and flash but the beauty of this is leaving it to chance. It’s like getting your first film role developed and has about the same wait time for the processing too. Marcus recently went on a trip where all of the photos he took was on this app. $2.49 AUD

Pros: The user interface makes you feel like you’re holding a real camera and looking through a blurry view finder. The anticipation of waiting for your image to develop is quite exciting and it rarely disappoints. Can upload to the usual suspects of social media.

Cons: This isn’t RAW, there’s no way to strip the effect from the original shot. The cost is quite high in comparison to other photography apps and there’s additional costs for extra effects.

Fat Booth: An app that works wonders on your face. Feeling low on self-esteem? Fire this baby up and suddenly your hair doesn’t look as bad as you thought. This adds a double chin and a little plump to your rosy cheeks. Simple but effective. $1.19 AUD

Freaks all your skinny friends out. May induce laughter. You can upload pictures of unsuspecting victims to Facebook.

Cons: You can upload to Facebook.

Instagram: It can upload to numerous sites, has tonnes of filters which come close to emulating the hisptamatic feel – except, importantly,  you control the effects. Your original image gets preserved and it’s free. $0.00 AUD

Pros: You plug into an Instagram community and can keep track of friends’ photos. Original images stay in tact.

Cons: You have to create an Instagram account.


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