I was running late for a yoga class and dashed out of the studio at 5:15pm. Just as I was boarding the bus, I got a call from Jason.

“Have you got the props for our shoot tomorrow?”

I can not count the number of swear words that ran through my mind.

I told him where everything was in the studio and felt like crap for forgetting. Dave and Jason stayed back late and got everything we needed.

But then – it dawned on me – it was pretty brilliant that we had so many photographers in the studio. There’s no room for mistake, no human error.

If I wasn’t part of a big photography studio and was running this project solo, I would have had to stop the bus and run back to the studio, or worse, do the photo shoot without the props.

Where I failed, Jason and Dave picked up the slack.

The shoot the next day went swimmingly.