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Live From The Field

It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

Live From The Field

How is Jason like Dracula?

They both work better in the dark.


How to choose a corporate photographer

Photography is no different from any artistic career. There are, and always will be, people that will work at a loss in an attempt to break into the industry.

Photography budgets can be tightly controlled but before you book in John Smith, go through this checklist to see if the corners are worth getting cut.

  1. What do they specialise in? Is it product, fashion, large high end commercial projects? Find out.
  2. Do they offer a guarantee?
  3. Is there an archived and remotely backed up system in place? If you need an image of a partner we captured four years ago, it’s on file and in your inbox the same day. This also acts like a reference folder. When you book us in for your annual report two years from now and we need to match portraits taken this year; the lighting, background and general feel will be consistent throughout the years because we have everything organised and archived at our fingertips. Make sure if anything happens to their workplace, your images don’t end up as a bunch of zeroes or a pile of ash. Ask if they remotely back up their images.
  4. Ask for several portfolios to get a feel for their consistency in making great imagery.
  5. What is their editing experience? We know how to make you look good and spend an hour on each corporate image, and that’s the simple stuff. A good photographer will never hand out unedited images, or at the other extreme, make you look like Barbie.
  6. Have they got consistently happy clients that you know?
  7. Do they have a fast turn around time? If one of our photographers is stricken with the plague the day after your shoot, one of our in-house Photoshop experts will get your images to you. Same for quotes. We’re a smooth running beast. Do they have such a system in place for the proposals that you can’t miss?
  8. Do they send over proofs before editing your images? With proofs, you get to pick the images you like best. Not drown in the images you’re blinking or pulling funny faces (it’s ok, we all do it).
  9. Do they have a studio? We have a huge studio in the heart of the Sydney Central Business District. If your company is small to medium sized, or you work from home, you don’t want to rent a meeting room or sit around a shared reception. Come over to our studio for professional photos and you’ll be saving money three fold: you’ll cut down on photography costs, rental room costs and the cost of coffee.
  10. What is their professional level? The most important people are often photographed first in any business. The last thing you want on their minds is a bad experience that you helped organise. We’re fun and professional. The best of both worlds. Come over for one of our famous coffees and we’ll walk you through our portfolios so you can see the tender loving care we put into each interaction and image.
  11. What is their late notice availability? Have they got fully trained photographers that can fill in during the 13th hour?
  12. Do they make your company look good through prompt and efficient service, high quality images and ability to stick to consistent branding?
  13. How up to date is their camera and lighting equipment? Technology in photography moves rapidly. You need a photographer that maintains the greatest equipment and technology to serve your needs.


Dave planking. Read more here for a giggle.

Friday drinks

Business Cards

We’ve been working on updating our business cards. The last batch was created five years ago.

Our last card was slightly thinner than a standard business card and the circles had a raised gloss to it. Each photographer’s card had an outline of their face.

The first card was linked strongly with the website theme. This time around we wanted to keep the branding and information, but also step away from what we already had.

Our logo is a lens flare (hence the name of this blog and the circles strategically placed around our branding) and we wanted to incorporate this and our standard font into the new cards.

Marcus, believe it or not, collects business cards that he likes. We sat down and combined and subtracted features that we liked over the last four weeks.

We wanted a sturdy card that had a nice texture, was minimalistic and modern and could be thrown at people’s heads with force. Cause we make lasting impressions. Just kidding.

We were still in love with embossing and raised textures. Instead of going with thin and skinny like our previous cards, we went with the same width as a normal business card but a little bit shorter.

Most of all, we wanted to simplify things.

We decided on a thick, but not heavy card stock as well as a unique embossed logo.

When I say unique, I mean there was only one printer in Australia that could do it.


Our cards arrived early on this week. Please ask for one. We have been handing them out left, right and centre.

This is what we used to have:

This is our harder, better, faster, stronger cards.

Let us know what you think!


Live From The Field


Another Day in the Office

The month of May was swallowed up by a top secret HUGE project. I’m really excited about sharing everything with you but it’ll have to be under wraps for the moment.

This week our photographers will be working on a winter fashion shoot for Latitude. We’ll be spending a day shooting at the Seidler House, as well as working on a look book and some nightlife shots.

Stylists, producers and art directors have been streaming through our studio and there has been a constant flow of coffee and cupcakes.

It’s all quite exciting.

To keep yourself entertained in the meantime, watch the behind the scenes video of last year’s Spring and Summer photo shoot.

June 2011

This month’s coffee is a fresh blend from Rwanda and Mexico.

Come in from the rain and warm yourself up with one of these.

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