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Business Cards

We’ve been working on updating our business cards. The last batch was created five years ago.

Our last card was slightly thinner than a standard business card and the circles had a raised gloss to it. Each photographer’s card had an outline of their face.

The first card was linked strongly with the website theme. This time around we wanted to keep the branding and information, but also step away from what we already had.

Our logo is a lens flare (hence the name of this blog and the circles strategically placed around our branding) and we wanted to incorporate this and our standard font into the new cards.

Marcus, believe it or not, collects business cards that he likes. We sat down and combined and subtracted features that we liked over the last four weeks.

We wanted a sturdy card that had a nice texture, was minimalistic and modern and could be thrown at people’s heads with force. Cause we make lasting impressions. Just kidding.

We were still in love with embossing and raised textures. Instead of going with thin and skinny like our previous cards, we went with the same width as a normal business card but a little bit shorter.

Most of all, we wanted to simplify things.

We decided on a thick, but not heavy card stock as well as a unique embossed logo.

When I say unique, I mean there was only one printer in Australia that could do it.


Our cards arrived early on this week. Please ask for one. We have been handing them out left, right and centre.

This is what we used to have:

This is our harder, better, faster, stronger cards.

Let us know what you think!


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