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5 ways to instantly improve your photography

Here are five ways you can instantly improve your photography by making little changes to your camera and the way you snap.

A small example of big aperture.

    1. Don’t photograph people eating. Nobody looks attractive while they’re scoffing their face or have half a plate of seafood in front of them.
    2. Play around with Aperture priority. By shooting at f2, your images naturally improve by the background or foreground being completely out of focus. Have a look at this flickr group to see what I mean by f2.
    3. Save your images in the highest resolution possible. Yes, you might have to read your user manual to find out how to do that, but your images will thank you in five years time. We have images that we took on digital in 2002 that are tiny files, but at the time, they were cutting edge. Expect the same and don’t just stick to the automatic JPEG size.
    4. Stand closer to the subject, then get closer. It will only improve the image. You’re never as close as you think you are. Unless you hit them in the head with your lens. Then say sorry.
    5. Turn off auto flash. Most modern cameras can deal with the mild darkness and will automatically pump up their ISO (light sensitivity). You’ll know pretty fast if your camera is capable of this or not by looking at your LCD screen.


David breaks his photo record in one day

David Silva recently photographed 70 people in one day. Give the man a high five the next time you see him.

After a double shot espresso and a kebab for lunch, he was looking a bit ill but he powered through and was back in the office by 4:30pm.

He’s now editing the portraits. Go, David, go!

Mo lovin’

Marcus Enno recently took part in a unique marketing campaign with March One that had a heavy emphasis on mustaches.

“Creative agency March One has used the over-sized moustaches of the owners of  Sydney German restaurant Stuyvesant’s in a direct marketing campaign celebrating 50 years in the city.

The DL flyer, which features a cardboard moustache that pokes out the front of a letterbox,  includes an offer for the restaurant along with a German recipe.” – Mumbrella (Australia’s media and marketing umbrella website)



yum yum!

Digital SLR Cheat Sheet

For those of you that have recently purchased a digital slr, this is a great infograph that you can print out and keep in your wallet for when you’re feeling creative. If you’re thinking about buying a beautiful, bulky DSLR camera and don’t know where to start, this article should help.

Miguel Yatco, the photographer that created this graph told My Modern Met “The main reason I made this infographic was so that I could help beginners get a better idea of how the manual mode of a camera works, although it takes awhile to get used to, this infographic will hopefully give you a smoother transition from auto to manual.”

Let us know how you go!

Alice Springs was my first stop after moving from Belgium.

I had been there before, but traveling or living somewhere are two very different things.
A short visit gives you all the quick and shallow impressions of a place, while living gives you an in depth understanding of how things actually work.
Working for the local newspaper gave me a fantastic opportunity to get to know Alice Springs and its surroundings very quickly. Assignments would range from editorial photography to sports, crime, real estate, social events, venturing into remote bush land or Indigenous communities to shoot a story in the vast land of Central Australia.
Driving fantastic distances through these deserted areas makes you feel humble and puts things into perspective.
Working as a press photographer can be thrilling. One day might be chilled out and the next you could be rushing from one job, with six down the pipeline . All the jobs are in a different setting, spot and atmosphere. There was so many different people, from politicians to award winners to musicians to farmers.
One of the more interesting shoots would have been a bush sports event about 200 km North East of Alice Springs. There was whip cracking, line dancing, ute competition, horse riding, lizard racing, bull riding, steer riding, truck tyre racing, etc.
Another memorable moment was a sunset flight in a light aircraft to Tennant Creek. Stunning landscapes from high up.
The ocean and the waves didn’t keep me in Alice though…

It is a fantastic place to be, but my love for surfing didn’t keep me there.

The image of the bull rider is © News Ltd.

Pieter has been a part of Studio Commercial for just over a month now.

You’ll come across this towering Belgium during a range of photo shoots. Interestingly enough, Pieter started off as a Physical Education teacher in Belgium. He’s been soaking the Australian sun rays since 2008.


July 2011

This month’s coffee is a blend from Brazil and Guatemala. Considering these two countries are hot and exotic locations, you may get a little bit hotter and a twist more exotic from drinking our coffee.

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