The Races magazine – Part 1 – Editorial Photography at Rosehill Gardens

Recently we had the opportunity to meet and photograph Shaun Patterson, an interesting man with an interesting job at an interesting location.

As the Track Manager of Rosehill Gardens racetrack, he is in charge of the crew of greenskeepers. Who, as it sounds, keeps the place in top shape and looking, well, green 😉

In my mind and from a job satisfaction point of view, an editorial shoot is always going to be up there at the top of the list. Editorial assignments offer the chance to meet and engage with a wide range of interesting people as well as different locations, situations and environments.

Usually the people chosen to be featured in an article are unique and interesting in themselves. It could be that they have an interesting job, or are an industry leader, or have achieved something extraordinary.

When arriving at a new location, there is an element of the unknown. This can be exciting, challenging and sometimes a little nerve racking. On occasion there is the chance to access the inner sanctum. Visit places that are unseen or off limits to the general population. I find this gratifying.

An editorial brief also offers the chance to flex some creative muscle. The imagery is designed to be engaging so the reader is encouraged to do just that…. stop and read the story.  There’s the quest to find interesting backgrounds, angles, shapes, colours and textures. Even with all the preparation in the world, there always seems to be the necessity to “ad lib” and adapt to the situation that presents itself on the day. 

When it all falls into place, that provides the biggest reward.

In Part 2 we visit Randwick and meet the New CEO

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