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Coffee of the Month


This month we have something special for our clients. Our coffee is a blend from Thailand and El Salvador. Drop in to the Studio we will happily brew you a cup. IMG_0046

Coffee of the month

This month’s coffees are from Papua New Guinea and my favourite, Panama.  Why is it my favourite?  It roasts so nicely, great as a shot or with milk and never fails to impress with outstanding flavour.  Plus you can’t help singing “Panama” by Van Halen while enjoying, pop into the studio for one and sing it with us!


August 2012

This month’s coffee is from Panama and Columbia. Jason has also fashioned a way to make a triple shot espresso in one go so drop on by on Monday if you want to be awake for the rest of the week.


July 2012

This month’s coffee is from Tanzania and Rwanda. It’s a toasty blend to keep you warm in the middle of winter.


Tanzanian Coffee at the Studio

June 2012

Our coffee of the month is from Columbia, Sulawesi and Tanzania. It’s an exotic mix this month folks!

May 2012

This month’s coffee at Studio Commercial is exclusively from Panama.

studio commercial coffee

Brought you by this bad pun: It’s panemonium!

April 2012

This month’s coffee is a special blend from Ipanema and Jason’s home grown coffee beans.

Photo of the Day

March 2012

This month’s coffee is from Panama and Bolivia.

February 2012

Coffee at Sevenhill, Clare Valley


This month’s coffee is from India and Sulawesi, Indonesia.

We took a competition for the oddest shaped island and Sulawesi wins. Hands down.

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