We’d love to expand our FAQ. Send questions to blog[at]studiocommercial[dot]com. 

    • Do you use Mac or PC?
      We bought our first Mac in the 90’s when we installed our film scanner, now we have heaps of them!


    • When and how and why did you get into photography?
      Check out our bios for five different experiences and opinions.


    • Canon or Nikon?
      Our decision was concreted when Canon changed to the EOS system. Nikon tried to incorporate mechanical components into their electronic cameras and it just didn’t work. Canon really was leaps and bounds ahead  of the game 20 years ago, even before digital. However, over the last few years, Nikon has been getting better and better. One good thing about this Canon vs. Nikon never ending saga is that Nikon helps keep the price of Canons competitive.


    • What is with the cycling obsession?
      Dale and Marcus started cycling at around the same time period a few years ago. Marcus was the main force as he cycled to and from work every day. Dale influenced Jason and then Dave and Cam started to follow suite. It is not unusual for gears and bells to be delivered to the studio three times a week. Vanessa and Tash are the only ones left unscathed from the cycling bug.


    • Why Lens Flare?
      That’s what our logo is based on. A sexy, blue-tinted lens flare.